Specialist training for rescue and reactive dogs in East Anglia

Scientifically proven methods, brought to you by a qualified and regulated behaviourist

Suppawt Dog Training
Kind methods

Dog training classes

A great way of building focus around distractions and other dogs. We offer general and specialised training, puppy training, life skills and parkour lessons.

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Scientifically proven

One-to-one packages

Specifically for behaviour problems or issues, which may take more understanding or work. We also offer emergency assessments for those in need.

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Qualified trainers

Supervised sessions

Need a hand or company walking your dog? Or looking to socialise your pet? We offer controlled socialisation in a fully enclosed field with like-minded dog owners.

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Our passion is helping you and your dog build a long lasting partnership.

We are dog training and behaviour experts, working with any and all dogs - specialising in rescue and reactive dogs in particular.

We strive to continuously educate our trainers with up-to-date scientific research. As the dog training industry is unregulated, many trainers may be working using old and detrimental methods - more often than not leaving your dog on the surface “trained” but negatively impacted: scared, frightened, and unhappy.

Suppawt Dog Training

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At Suppawt, we understand the importance of building a fun, communicative and trusting relationship with your dog. We celebrate the small successes and embrace that dogs behave in ways that benefit them.

We promise not to scare or hurt your dog in the name of training. We will provide you with the most up to date and scientifically proven ways of training for your dog. There’s no magic wand, but with practice and consistency we can help you change your dog’s behaviour for the better.

Kind training methods

Lily and the team are fantastic, I couldn’t recommend Suppawt Dog training enough! I made contact with Lily before we brought home our rescue dog - Klara. She was really helpful, giving us advice on what to do for the first day home. We’ve done 1-2-1 sessions and have just recently completed Level 1 - Life Skills. Thank you so so so much for giving us the confidence and reassurance with training Klara!

Megan Renouf